Case Study


Athstat & The Demski Group worked with coaches from 5 major league sports to identify the most critical data during matches, create an easy way to add data even in the chaos of a game or at a desk, and display real-time analytics. With their proprietary cloud-based machine learning engine, we worked with them to display analytics to couches on the fly, in a match, and for their review after the game’s victory.


Services Rendered

Number of Projects: 3

Tech Stack: ReactJS

Business Service: SaaS

App Design

Tech Case Study

Intuitive design for multiple different user roles. App design for multiple devices and device categories, with differing tiered access of services for clients of various use cases and budgets.

Web Design

Tech Case Study

Stunning and responsive design for easy navigation and readability on different screen sizes and devices.

Quality Assurance

Tech Case Study

Managing developers in the developing process to assure delivery of products that are smooth and fully-functional.

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