Case studies


Athstat case study

Athstat & The Demski Group worked with coaches from 5 major league sports to identify the most critical data during matches, create an easy way to add data even in the chaos of a game or at a desk, and display real-time analytics. With their proprietary cloud-based machine learning engine, we worked with them to display analytics to couches on the fly, in a match, and for their review after the game’s victory.

The Ready State Application

TRS Case Study

The Demski Group worked with Pointbreak Labs to develop this app fitness app for maximum user customization in an app designed for users with different use cases that require a more personalized experience.

Telemedic Network Application

Telemedic Case Study

During the pandemic, doctors needed a way to reduce patient time in their offices. Enter The Demski Group. In partnership with Telemedic, we designed and developed a mobile application that allowed patients to fill out their intake forms from the comfort of their own phones. Utilizing full HIPAA Compliance security standards and doctor-tested and approved workflows, Telemedic continues to expand into new medical offices each day.

StayPut Login Page

StayPut Case Study

The StayPut app is designed and built to facilitate the delivery of hardware and tools through easy-to-use mobile. Our development team utilized multiple different integration platforms to manage everything from background checks, to payment, and location services


SEEN Dating Case Study

The Demski Group designed and implemented a radical new approach to online dating: full transparency. With all user chats on display, singles were armed with a complete understanding of each other’s interactions before engaging, which helped cut down on unsolicited pictures and toxic behavior. The community fell in love with the application (4.6 stars on the app store!) and our team learned how to implement best practices for chatting technologies and to appeal to a younger demographic.


NCFit Case Study

The Demski Group worked with Pointbreak Labs to develop this app for both iOS and Android. Specifically designed for this local chain of gyms in North Carolina, this app keeps track of members’ progress, as well as provides various challenges, resources, and interactive workout plans.

MBCHC Website

MBCHC Case Study

Case Study Miami Beach Community Health Center Website The Demski Group designed and developed this WCAG compliant website for a healthcare organization. Services Rendered Tech Stack: WordPress Software Type: Responsive Website Design The Demski Group did a complete redesign of the website to make it as easy as possible to access information and services, as …

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Assault Fitness

Assault Case Study

Assault Fitness & The Demski Group worked together to design and build an app
that connects Assault Fitness workout machine owners directly to highly-specialized programs from the world’s top coaches. With custom workout plans and progress tracking, as well as leaderboards and head-to-head competitions, the Assault Fitness mobile app gives users elite training in the palm of their hand.