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All About The Demski Group

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A Message from Our CEO

Helping clients since 2013

Our Mission

We are a software development company with a dynamic approach to building world-class software solutions in numerous industries. We are a team of developers driven by a passion to deliver quality through our skills.

As designers and developers with specialties in diverse niches, our work produces top-notch results for our clients. We are dedicated to our service and give every project 100% concentration and focus. In doing this, we accomplish business model transformations with a digital-first approach to growth; from scratch to completion.

What We Do

Just some of what we can offer you

Custom Development

Crafting tailored software solutions to meet your unique business needs with precision and innovation.

Enterprise Software

Empowering businesses with robust and scalable software systems for streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency.

Mobile Apps

Creating engaging mobile experiences that connect users to your brand and deliver seamless functionality on-the-go.

UI/UX Design

Designing intuitive and captivating user interfaces that elevate user experiences and drive positive interactions.

This is just a small portion of everything we are able to do, to see an extensive list of everything we can do for you, check out our services page.

The Team that Makes this All Possible

Aaron Demski Headshot

Aaron Demski

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Armstrong Profile

Richard Armstrong

Director of Technology

Kody Miller Headshot

Kody Miller

Chief Marketing Officer

Our Approach | What You Can Expect From Us

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Have a conversation. We want to hear your ideas, learn your company’s workflow, and offer our software expertise to find a solution to your frustrations while facilitating your growth.

Propose a solution. Post conversation, we will send you our full review of the project in the form of a custom proposal that includes the project scope, tech stack, time estimate, and cost. 

Design, develop, test, and deploy. From start to finish, we will guide you through the process with open, timely and transparent lines of communication.

Post-launch. We stand by you and our work. After project completion, we warranty our work to make sure you are satisfied and will remain available for future maintenance & optimizations.

Our History | The Beginings of The Demski Group

Find out how it all got started!

Andrew Demski, a computer science major, started the idea of selling his software development services through the internet back in college. Andrew joined forces with his business major brother, Aaron Demski, and The Demski Group was born and the two continue to work together. 

We are committed to continuing the values in all our partnerships. Our office is in Olean, NY – we’d love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee or over zoom and hear your story.

The Demski Group found our groove first in the world of custom POS applications on the Clover platform. Shortly after that, a large-scale custom dating app. With these project successes, the Demski bothers were able to expand and build a team to take on even bigger challenges. 

With more capabilities, The Demski Group began handling enterprise-level demands. No longer confining ourselves to the world of POS systems, we were able to expand across various industries and apply skills to new opportunities.


Today, The Demski Group has a portfolio that we are proud to show off. From complex machine learning algorithms for identifying species of insects to iOT devices controlling tankless water heaters in residential homes, our team is on the cutting edge of software expertise. 

The world is always changing and so will we. We aim to tackle even bigger problems and create innovative solutions. Across different industries, the impact of more powerful computing will open up limitless opportunities. We plan on being at the forefront of developing applications that harness the power of the future.

Some of Our Outstanding Clients

Here are some of the clients we have worked with. Don't be shy, you could be one of them!